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OK...Really dont like writing this shit,
Hey all, i'm TURTLE UNDEAD at Brisbane Tattoo Studio i am very adept in most forms of Tattooing styles,however upon looking through my portfolio you will definatly notice the overwhelming presence of black n grey, in all forms n styles, really enjoy doing realistic animal portraits, anything to do with horror, movie monsters, religious themes, comic themes, pop culture, old cars n rods, natures flora.....
Seriously  though i'll turn my hand to anything, incorporating color through a black n grey design can really rock ass too!!!!!!
  I am also known for my tribal works, flowing through all styles of the medium, and adapting a few different concoctions on my way through, all styles of tribal designs are drawn directly onto the body ,no copying shit or carbon flash bullshit, this allows all designs to FLOW with the contours of the body as its supposed to, not fight wether you are after traditional or modern styles , it all happens here...
So to summise if you are looking for a NO BULLSHIT approach in a Tattoo Studio on Brisbane's North side, then go no further than Brisbane Tattoo,THE TOTAL EXPERIENCE Where all you'll get is good clean original tattooing, n innovative thinking,
YOU owe it to yourself to stand out from the herd.......

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